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Job search

Find the 'right' job and employer for you and read & understand job descriptions like a Recruiter!


Resume / CV

Write a resume that reflects your personality, strengths & ambitions. Your business card!


Cover Letter

Write a cover letter that increases your chances on a job interview!



Maximize networking and job opportunities with your LinkedIn profile, you online business card!


Job Interview

Train your job interview skills to get closer to your dream job and personal goals!


Elevator pitch

Present your elevator pitch that includes "your why" for job applications, interviews and business meetings!



How to apply for a traineeship at consultancies, corporates, banks and government!



How to prepare for an assessment and showing your skillset during your job search!



How to apply successfully for a job in The Netherlands as an international!


Valérie’s support on refining my CV and cover letter has been vital to help me land my current job as management trainee at Philips. Together we were able to identify connections between my past experience and the skills required for the job. She helped me realize that all the skills necessary for the position I was applying to were hidden somewhere throughout my experience and I needed to highlight them for a successful application process.
Through different exercises we were able to identify the highs and lows of my academic and personal life as well as the strengths and weaknesses that came out of those experiences. Valérie showed me tips and tricks to make my CV and cover letter company specific in order to stand out and land my position. I can only recommend working with Valérie! It has been a truly enriching experience both to land my dream job and to learn more about myself on a personal level.

Julika Diano

Management trainee, Philips, NL

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