your pitch.

Establish your unique elevator pitch for your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn and job interview. Or use it after being hired in your new job. 

Show who you are as a professional including “your why” and connect with others.

your pitch

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Valérie is a very professional recruiter with a focus on the talents within a person. She is always open for a chat to share great ideas and views and always has an entrepreneurial mindset to implement initiatives like the new Employer Branding strategy.

Valérie was also very passionate in coaching newcomers and making them feel home.

When you need to talk to a motivational speaker, I would definitely go to her!



An elevator pitch, everybody has heard from it. And even though not every one will be preparing for an episode of Shark Tank, during your career you will be confronted with a moment in which you need to introduce yourself. It might be even the most important question in a job interview: “Could you introduce yourself?”.

So what do you say? How can you explain your personality, competences and ambitions in just a few minutes? Do you even know why exactly you want this job or that promotion? How do you “sell” yourself and connect with people on a deeper level?


A good elevator pitch contains at least 4 elements:

  • Who
  • What
  • Why
  • How

A good pitch will help you connect with people during a meeting, during a job interview, on LinkedIN. When you share your purpose, you allow people to understand why you do what you do. And it allows you to understand better how the client, the job, working environment or future colleagues relate to your goals and purpose.

So make a statement of your introduction and ask us to practice with you. We help you model your pitch and figure out how you can “sell” yourself while enhancing your personal brand. The results can be used for many occasions. 

Send us a message via the contact form below. We have coaching sessions to work on your pitch together. We will include a job description or  information from your company needed to complete your pitch. We will give you tools, tips and detailed professional feedback and use 10+ years of recruitment experience. 


Fill in the form and we contact you within 24 hours. Looking forward to speaking with you soon!