your traineeship.

It is one of the most competitive jobs after graduation, a traineeship. For many master students it is a great way to discover different fields.

We support you in applying effectively and help you stand out in your application for your traineeship.

your traineeship




ESN Rotterdam invited Valérie to host a workshop with us in the midst of the lockdown in the Netherlands.

Despite the physical limitations, her enthusiasm and natural ability to engage others over the Zoom call ensured that each participant gained new perspectives on what their future careers could look like.

It was a fantastic experience in both presenting the event and figuring out the details behind the scenes with Valérie. She has a deep understanding of the challenges students, young graduates, and other job seekers face in the job market.

How to apply for a traineeship


You made your decision, you want to apply for a traineeship. You select the ones that are most interesting, make a list of all the deadlines and start thinking about the questions you can expect during the process. 

For some traineeships companies select the candidates based on your resume and cover letter. Sometimes using a system to select the ‘right’ candidates. Other companies give you a list of questions to answer. But they all have in common that you have to compete with a lot of applicants. 

This means that Recruiters and Hiring Managers see a lot of resumes, cover letters, answers. In a limited amount of time they have to select the candidates for round 2. So you have to make sure that you attract their attention in a few seconds. 


Preparation is key. Finding out why you would like to apply, for this specific traineeship, is the first step. For companies it is important to learn that you truly chose them and their traineeship.

Therefore we supported many students communicating their message, talents and ambitions in a “smart” way. In our coaching sessions we look into the traineeship and the company / public entity. We filter out the most important details and see what fits your profile. And we use this information to enhance your application. We help you to stand out with structured answers. We have seen the result in applications  for competitive traineeships.

Send us a message via the contact form below and let’s discuss how we could work together. We have coaching sessions to work on your application together. We will give you tools, tips and detailed professional feedback and use 10+ years of recruitment experience. 


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