With your
consulting skills.

As a consultant you are an advisor, listener, leader, problem-solver.. You are hired to fly in and fix a problem.

Deadlines, high demands, culture etc. could make your work challenging. We support you overcome these challenges while making a business impact. 





Valérie has great affinity for talent acquisition. I worked directly with many of the highly qualified consultants whom she was instrumental in hiring, and I was also consistently impressed by how approachable, professional and competent she is. Valérie worked hard to accommodate my unique situation and helped facilitate my interviews at foreign offices while ensuring my questions were addressed throughout the recruitment process and providing me with actionable feedback often. She also dedicates considerable time to improving her professional knowledge through coursework completed outside work hours. I highly recommend her for roles involving talent acquisition, career coaching, and personal branding!
How to impact like a consultant

business communication

Working at a consultancy offers you to meet different people, see different companies and tackle multiple complex assignments. It requires strong business communication skills. You need to convince people, work with different teams, show your progress in weekly meetings. There is a lot of money involved so the client has high expectations of your skills.

During your studies you don’t always learn how exactly to tackle difficult situations or present your ideas in a business context. We support you in communicating strongly in a highly competitive business context. Whether it is writing a memo, giving a presentation or fighting for that promotion,
we got you!

After working as a Consultant and working for Consultancies, we are able to help you translate your message into a convincing theory. Sometimes it just about how to wrap the message and present it in such a structured way that you tackle all counter arguments.

Whatever your goal is, we support you re-designing your memo, proofreading & editing business presentations and proposals.

We recommend to focus on your personal brand as well. As a consultant, your personal business card is very important to seize opportunities and build your network.

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