Who are you as a leader and who do you want to be? Whether you are managing a team or leading a project, knowing your strengths and pitfalls help you te be a better leader.

We support you in taking steps toward finding your unique leadership style.

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Valérie helped me make crucial choices in my career. She is very result oriented and has at the same time a warm and open personality. By asking the right questions she guides you in a natural way to the best decision and it almost feels as if you came to the conclusions all by yourself. I would recommend Valérie to anyone who looks for guidance in their career or just wants a sanity check.

How to be a leader

Find your leadership style

You are on a personal development plan towards a management position or you are working with many colleagues and clients on a project. On a daily basis you find yourself convincing others, listening to their ideas en deciding on next steps. You feel that you are ready to be a leader. And not just a leader, a great leader.

We support you in figuring out what your aspirations are and how you can use your talents and strengths to connect with others. You can support others to reach their potential and achieve goals together. 


Great leaders know their own strengths. They know why they do what they do and are able to inspire others in their journey. Leaders understand when to listen and how to lead the team to achieve goals and results. We help you to get to know yourself better and using your strengths to create your own leadership style.

Furthermore, we will support you on creating an action plan to become the leader you want to be. When you know which skills to develop, you can decide on the tools to get there.

Send us a message via the contact form below and let’s discuss how we could work together. We offer coaching sessions that can be bought in a package or separate sessions whenever you need them. We provide assignments in between sessions to ensure you take steps and see results. We are looking forward to hearing from you. 


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