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career Plan.

When you are ambitious, you want to steps every day. Steps that lead you to your dreams and make the impossible possible.

We support you in designing your concrete career plan with short term actions to ensure you stay focused and successful.

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Ontzettend blij een coaching traject bij Valérie te hebben gevolgd. Haar aanpak en focus liggen op de balans tussen werk en passie. Dmv verschillende tools liet Valérie mij reflecteren op mijn huidige carrièrepad waardoor er kwartjes begonnen te vallen.

Met een duidelijk actieplan kreeg ik net dat laatste duwtje in de goede richting om mijn carrière in te gaan vullen zoals ik dat het liefst zou zien. Haar coaching stijl geeft mij erg veel motivatie en waar ik het eerst even niet meer zag, heb ik nu een helder beeld voor ogen. “Waar een wil is is een weg” is daarmee geen understatement!

How to define career goals

create an action plan

Most companies and consultancies work with a personal development. You start with a target or goal setting, followed by midterm reviews and at the end of the year you sit down with your manager to see if you achieved your targets and/or goals. In the ideal situations, your personal goals are included in this personal development plan. 

When this is not the case, you could consider to plan your career yourself. The advantage is that you and your dreams are the center of the plan and not the ambitions of the company. When you have dreams in life, let’s make it happen. If you do not have a concrete career goal to work on, how do you know that you are on the “right’ path to your dreams?

Together we will work on visualizing your dreams and career goals. Explore what your truly want and when. Based on these input we will work on a concrete action plan that will help you achieve the results you are looking for. We strive for a practical plan that fits you and your lifestyle, a plan that can be worked on right away. 

While working on an action plan, you will have a lot of time to reflect on your life. Are you on track? Or do you need to make some changes to get on track? Our ultimate goal is enhancing your wellbeing and happiness. 

Send us a message via the contact form below and let’s discuss how we could work together. We offer coaching sessions that can be bought in a package or separate sessions whenever you need them. We provide assignments in between sessions to ensure you take steps and see results. 


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