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Yes, Valérie Rath obtained her degree from a EQA Practitioner study which qualifies for membership of NOBCO. NOBCO is the Dutch Professional Coaching Association. Futhermore, she obtained a degree on Career Coaching. 

In her coaching she is using her extensive HR en Recruitment experience for different companies, like Tele2, LeaseWeb,, EY and Zanders. And she is using her legal background, she obtained two Master degrees (Private Law and Information Law) at the University of Amsterdam.

Find more information and our options in our shop. We even offer small gifts and planners. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please request a free intake and we will create a tailor-made option for you!

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Every solutions starts with asking the right question. We support you in formulating your question in our free intake. So if you are looking for guidance but are not sure what your question is, talk to us. We got you!

Example: Valérie supported professionals with questions like:  

  • How can I gain more self-confidence and overcome challenges?
  • I don’t feel happy in my job, what to do?
  • How can I communicate more persuasive and effectively?
  • How can I get my ideas across, without being too pushy?
  • How do I promote myself on LinkedIn without bragging?
  • Which career path suits me?
  • How do I pursue my dream job in a new country?
  • Which study should I choose, to ensure that I don’t drop out in a year?
  • My ambition is a promotion in a year, how can I reach my goal?
  • I need a long term career focus, please help me create a plan. 

We offer different options to choose from, to ensure it fits your time lines and priorities. You can book a single session or book a package with discount. If you are not sure what to choose, please book a free coaching scan so that we could help you choose the package that fits your needs and questions.

This is how it works: 

  1. Choose your session, package, workshop or training. Go to our checkout page, fill in the information (including your availability) and buy your plan. 
  2. We contact you within 48 hours for more information.
  3. Free Intake, which is included in every individual coaching session, coaching package and training package. This Coaching Scan will be offered online via Teams. 
  4. Start coaching sessions or training sessions.
  5. A clear personal development plan!

We will plan this intake via Teams (or in Amsterdam per request). In the free intake, we will get to know each other and discover how we could best shape our collaboration to ensure you get the best out of the sessions. We will ask you to provide more information about your current situation, your coaching questions and expectations. And you are of course able to ask all of your questions.

When we both feel positive about our collaboration and we both would like to start working together, we will plan our sessions and create a plan. We will ask for your commitment and you can expect our commitment as well. 

If you need more time to think everything through, that is totally fine. Just contact us whenever you’re ready! We are here for you and you need to feel comfortable and ready to take new steps for a better future.

In our coaching we will together keep track of your progress and discoveries. By writing down your thoughts, ideas and plans you are able to use your coaching findings in every situation, personal branding efforts and future endeavors.

We will ensure that you will end your coaching with a clear and detailed plan for the future. It includes the steps that you are going to take to reach your goals and pursue your dreams. 

We would like to support students and professionals in all diversity.

At the moment we get approached by professionals, working in different sectors: Education, Government, Legal Profession, Banks, FMCG and Consultancy.

HBO/WO students and HAVO/VWO high school student also find their way to ImpactYourCareer for a flying start in their careers.

Companies experience the benefits by connecting employees that are able to work with vitality. Employees that are able to successfully contribute to the results in a sustainable way.

By coaching professionals with achieving their goals, we create “high-performing” teams. With commitment and expertise I use my knowledge and experience in our career coaching for growth, outplacement and staff mobility.

ImpactYourCareer is located in Amsterdam. We offer you utmost flexibility with our vitual coaching and training options. If you would like to meet in person, it is also a possibility. Free intakes will take place online via Teams. 

We are open from Monday till Friday, offering guidance between 09:00uur – 21:00uur. Flexibility, commitment and high quality services are important to us.

Per request we are able to offer more flexibility. We understand the urgency of Interview Training for example. So per request, it is possible to plan a session or training outside of opening hours and in the weekends.

We would like to offer you optimal guidance and support. Therefore you are able to switch your participation to another date or package / session / training / workshop. 

If circumstances require you to cancel your participation, please inform us about it in writing 72 hours prior to the session / training / workshops. In this case we refund the remaining sessions left on your subscription. For other options, please contact us for a solution.