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When you find yourself standing on a crossroad in your career and ask yourself: “Should I stay or should I go?”.

Find out if you are able to build the career you want in your current job or somewhere else. And discover where that “somewhere else” is. 

your new job




Valérie helped me tremendously set my career goals and navigate which path I would like to take in the future. Her coaching style is very warm and friendly yet effective and efficient. She equipped me with amazing decision-making tools which I used on a regular basis. Thank you, Valérie.

If you need help with your moving forward in your career I highly recommend Valérie.

How to find your next career step

Stay or GO?

Sometimes it is difficult to tell why you are not feeling happy, inspired or motivated at work. However you feel a bit stuck. You are not progressing like you want to, your work feels a bit like auto-pilot. You start in the morning and at the end of the day you do not feel like you added great value. 

Many professionals contact us because they are not sure why they have this feeling and don’t know how to change it. Even when you decided you are not in the right place, there are still so many options. Do you stay and look internally for new opportunities or do you go and look around at other companies?

The first step to make a decision is taking a few steps back. Taking some time to figure out what you are missing. Why do you feel so uninspired? What are you looking for when looking for new opportunities? You are not the same person as when you started at this company. You’ve learned a lot along the way and could be ready for a new challenge.

Together we will look for ways to increase your energy levels and take control of your life again. Working like you are on auto-pilot is a sign you are not in control and not living to your highest potential. We support you in creating a new roadmap that will help you decide whether your current job and employer still fits your values, demands and ambitions.

Send us a message via the contact form below and let’s work together. We offer coaching sessions that can be bought in a package or separate sessions whenever you need them. We provide assignments in between sessions to ensure you take steps and see results. 


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