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You got this! You are building your own brand or your own company. Entrepreneurship offers a lot of freedom and adventures.

We support you in reaching your potential. Whether it is building a brand or developing your talents into a business, we got your back!

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Valérie is a very professional recruiter with a focus on the talents within a person. She is always open for a chat to share great ideas and views and always has an entrepreneurial mindset to implement initiatives like the new Employer Branding strategy.

Valérie was also very passionate in coaching newcomers and making them feel home.

When you need to talk to a motivational speaker, I would definitely go to her!



You started your own company or decided that you are happier when you are working on an interim basis. Different projects, meeting different people every day. You chose freedom. You can now design every little detail in your career and life. You decide on your mission, the way you do your administration, how you would like to deliver your services. It is all up to you!

It’s all fun and exciting, but it can also be overwhelming and scary sometimes. A lot of unexpective things can come up as an entrepreneur. You are good in what you do and suddenly you also have to be good everything else: finances, sales, marketing, human resources… How doe you stay on track, stay motivated and keep achieving your dreams? 

How to be the entrepreneur you want to be, achieve your dreams and promote yourself and your company?


Together we will explore who you are as an entrepreneur. What are your drivers and your purpose? We will figure out what makes you unique. You are a professional and we help you translate your talents into a business pitch. By visualizing your dreams and career goals, you will be able to create a plan to keep you on track. 

Even though there is a lot of competition out there, we recommend to stay true to yourself and stay focused on yourself. You are the reason why clients reach out to you. So dare to be different, it will be your strength and unique selling point. Isn’t the reason that you became an entrepreneur was because you believed that your idea could become a success?

Send us a message via the contact form below and let’s discuss how we could work together. We are looking forward to supporting you in achieving your dreams. We offer coaching sessions that can be bought in a package or separate sessions whenever you need them. We provide assignments in between sessions to ensure you take steps and see results. 


Fill in the form and we contact you within 24 hours. Looking forward to speaking with you soon!