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Equal access to opportunity for every professional!

more work happiness
and vitality

Together we pursue results, to ensure you are able to make choices that lead to sustainable employability, more work happiness and vitality.

Integrity, Ambition,


What we do.

At ImpactYourCareer, we coach students and professionals on career related questions and personal topics. Het is important to feel empowered in order to make choices that fit your personality, competences and ambitions.

With goal-driven individual career guidance and tailor-made trainings and workshops, we create personal roadmaps for personal development and the development of business skills. 


for you.


Students & professionals

As a coach I get approached by professionals, working in different sectors: Education, Government, Legal Profession, Banks, FMCG and Consultancy.

HBO/WO students and HAVO/VWO high school student also find their way to ImpactYourCareer for a flying start in their careers.


Companies experience the benefits by connecting employees that are able to work with vitality. Employees that are able to successfully contribute to the results in a sustainable way.

By coaching professionals with achieving their goals, we create “high-performing” teams. With commitment and expertise I use my knowledge and experience in our career coaching for growth, outplacement and staff mobility.



Our mission.

Everyone deserves a fair chance to be successful and happy in his/her job and career. This is why Valérie Rath founded ImpactYourCareer, a coaching & advisory consultancy in Amsterdam.

Our mission is to enhance equal access to opportunity in The Netherlands, conform the sustainable development goals of the UN and the goals of the Gelijke Kansen Alliantie (GKA) from the ministery of OCW.

Founder Valérie: “It can be quite a challenge to discover a job and career that brings you positive energy.  During your studies you do not learn how to apply for a job, hoe you can use your talents and who is able to support you. 

After graduating, during the financial crisis, it became clear to me how important it is to have the right business skills and a good network to apply successfully for that dream job. That is why I offer guidance to students and professionals to ensure they have a better chance on the Dutch labor market.” 

“I am result-driven and reach my goals with integrity, a sport mentality and “actions speak louder than words”!”


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Valérie Rath.