Study Counseling


We support you in choosing a study that makes you happy! Don’t have doubts anymore, and go after this new step in your life with confidence.


Having trouble choosing the right study after High School? We help you to make a choice that truly fits who you are, your talents and your ambitions.  Feel confident when you start this new step in your life!


  • Clear vision of your personality, talents and ambitions
  • Tools to choose a study that fits you
  • A study that provides energy and contributes to the future you’re looking for
  • Clear and complete coaching report
  • Confidence and trust in this new next step

Choose this package when you are looking for a MBO/HBO/WO study. We offer flexible planning that fits your schedule. This package deal also includes a free Coaching Scan of 30 minutes in which you can ask all of your questions and we can make a good start!