It can be challenging to apply for a new job in a new country. Every country has their own “unwritten” rules about job applications. 

Therefore many expats reach out to us for support on building a career in The Netherlands.

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Recently, I was a fortunate recipient of Valerie’s guidance and coaching. I have found the whole experience to be rewarding, insightful and inspiring.

I came to Valerie looking for assistance as I had decided to make a career transition. I was struggling but thanks to Valerie’s help I managed to navigate my way through the difficult recruitment process in Netherlands and I now find myself in a role which I really enjoy.

How to apply in The netherlands


A new adventure, a new country, a new career. Building something new is exciting. Whether you are exploring options or are already living in The Netherlands, a job could help you feel more at home. 

While applying for different jobs, we get questions like:

  • How could I apply for a role more effectively?
  • How does the labour market work?
  • How can I make my application more clear for Dutch Recruiters?
  • Where do I find the right job opportunities?

After working with many internationals, we have noticed that every country has their own rules for applying successfully. Unfortunately most of them are “unwritten”, so it can be challenging to design your application in an effective way. 

Dutch applications require most of the time a resume and cover letter in Dutch or English. These documents should be structured, clear and show your added value. As an international you will bring new interesting experiences with you. It’s up to you to translate this to your new labour market. 

We support you in this journey, designing your application to the Dutch labourmarket. In the coaching sessions we support you in your job search, rewrite your resume and cover letter together and/or optimize your LinkedIn profile. By translating your experiences for the Dutch labour market, we let Dutch Recruiters and Hiring Managers better understand who you are as a professional. Showing them your talents and ambitions. 

Send us a message via the contact form below and we will help you achieve your career dreams. in the coaching sessions we will give you tools, tips and detailed professional feedback and use our 10+ years of recruitment experience. 

Whenever you just need written feedback and tips, we offer a package too.


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