your job Interview skills.

Train your job interview skills to make a good first impression. Preparation will help you to present yourself as a professional.

We will practice your presence, difficult questions and your elevator pitch. Because in every job interview the recruiter will ask: “Could you introduce yourself?”.

Job interview




Valérie helped me prepare for several interview rounds. With a lot of enthusiasm and positivity she guided me to construct my answers in a way that they both represent me as well as my link to the organization I was applying for.

Strengthening these skills gave me confidence for my interviews. This resulted in me finding an amazing starters position that perfectly aligns with the goals and dreams that I have.

How to improve your job interview

be your best

Pling, you receive a message…
You are invited for that interview! Your resume and cover letter are reviewed and you reached the next level. It is time to promote yourself and establish your personal brand!

You want to convince them that you are the best candidate for the job but at the same time figure out if the job and company fits your personality, competences and ambitions. 

Where do you start? What interview questions will the hiring manager and recruiter ask? How do you formulate your answers? How do you present yourself with confidence and power? 

(Keep in mind, every conversation about a job opportunity should be perceived as a job interview. Even though these are presented as “informal”. There is no such thing as “just” a conversation about a job.)

Preparation is key and will be your strength. We will help you with 10+ years’ experience in recruitment, hundreds of interviews and thousands of conversations with hiring managers. We are your partner in crime and sparring partner to ensure that you are able to be yourself during your job interview.

Interviewing is a two-way street. So together we will practice interview questions, sharpen your answers in a way that leaves an ambitious, positive impression. And we will help you figure out if this is the role and company for you.

We offer job interview packages or separate sessions to be planned last minute. You decide if you would like to plan a personal or virtual session. Every sessions is tailor-made and therefore we provide a free coaching scan before our collaboration. 

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