With your resume.

Write a resume with confidence and pride. Let others know what your talents and skills are.
Be honest, not too modest.

We help you to write a resume that fits who you are as a professional and is clear for your future employers and clients.

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It became evident in our conversations that my CV and job search strategy was not up to scratch but with her advice I made significant improvements.

Valérie pushed my boundaries, challenging my ways of thinking but also assisted me to transform my CV and cover letter with her effective questioning technique.



You have seen a vacancy you would like to apply for. Or Recruiters are reaching out to you via LinkedIn and ask for your resume. With a lot of enthusiasm you update the resume that you have written a while ago, send it to the Recruiter responsible for the vacancy and you wait.. 
Even though some companies are trying out job applications without resumes, most companies still request that one paper that explains who you are as a professional.

You notice that somehow you do not get the response you hoped for. The Recruiter and Hiring Manager do not seem to understand the responsibilities that you have (had). They do not seem to grasp that you are ready for the next step in your career. It can be frustrating, how do they not see what your talents and ambitions are?

We would like to help you write a resume that saves time and gives you positive energy. Together we will work on the “most effective” resume that truly reflects who you are a as a professional.  A resume that is clear and reflects: 

  • Your personality
  • Your competences
  • Your ambitions

With this approach it will be easier to find a job that matches your career goals. Recruiters and Hiring Managers understand your responsibilities better. And when you get that invitation for a job interview, these will be much more entertaining since you are able to speak about your strengths and ambitions. You will be in the lead instead of the company you are applying for. 

Send us a message via the contact form below. We have resume coaching sessions to work on your resume together. We will give you tools, tips and professional feedback. When you have your eye on a job vacancy we can include this in our sessions. 

If you really don’t like to write your resume yourself, we will do it for you! The design is always free. After 2 coaching sessions to better understand who you are as a professional, we will re-write and re-design your resume ourselves. 


Fill in the form and we contact you within 24 hours. Looking forward to speaking with you soon!