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Work is work, but wouldn’t be nice when it is also fun, inspiring, valuable, fulfilling or a tool to achieve your real dreams?

When work feels like an obstacle instead of a valuable experience in your life, work with us. 

We are an independent consultancy firm focused on career support in Amsterdam. 

Valérie Rath LL.M.
Certified Coach
HR & Talent Management Advisor
Master of Laws
Founder & Entrepreneur
Jolien Huisman
Jolien HuismanBeleidsmedewerker Mededinging en Consumenten, Ministerie Economische Zaken en Klimaat, NL
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Valérie helped me prepare for several interview rounds. With a lot of enthusiasm and positivity she guided me to construct my answers in a way that they both represent me as well as my link to the organization I was applying for. Strengthening these skills gave me confidence for my interviews. This resulted in me finding an amazing starters position that perfectly aligns with the goals and dreams that I have.
Pedro Monteiro
Pedro MonteiroGlobal Learning Manager, Heineken, NL
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Valérie's precise but warm coaching questions made all the difference during my job interviews for a senior role. With just a week notice, Valérie built space in her busy agenda and was able to use her extensive experience in recruitment - which includes blue chip companies - to spot subtle details and anticipate questions which came up in such interviews. You can trust her to help you to be clear and confident when showing the value you can bring to a new team and company.
Sabrin Abdurahman
Sabrin AbdurahmanRecruitment Consultant, NL
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Valérie helped me tremendously set my career goals and navigate which path I would like to take in the future. Her coaching style is very warm and friendly yet effective and efficient. She equipped me with amazing decision-making tools which I used on a regular basis. Thank you, Valérie.
If you need help with your moving forward in your career I highly recommend Valérie.


Valérie helped me make crucial choices in my career. She is very result oriented and has at the same time a warm and open personality. By asking the right questions she guides you in a natural way to the best decision and it almost feels as if you came to the conclusions all by yourself. I would recommend Valérie to anyone who looks for guidance in their career or just wants a sanity check.

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I started ImpactYourCareer in 2020 because my dream was to support even more ambitious professionals navigate and achieve career goals to enhance equal access to opportunity.

Our goal is to share more positive energy and happiness. I believe that a career that fits your personality, competences and ambitions will bring you more energy, health and happiness.

I hope that you find what you are looking for and I hope you reach out to us. If you need help or more information, please contact us as well. We offer free coaching scans when you are ready to ImpactYourCareer!

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Valérie Rath
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Julika Diano
Julika DianoManagement Trainee, Philips, NL
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Valérie's support on refining my CV and cover letter has been vital to help me land my current job as management trainee at Philips. Together we were able to identify connections between my past experience and the skills required for the job. She helped me realize that all the skills necessary for the position I was applying to were hidden somewhere throughout my experience and I needed to highlight them for a successful application process...
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Rhys McKenna
Rhys McKennaPartnership Manager, ESN Rotterdam, NL
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ESN Rotterdam invited Valérie to host a workshop with us in the midst of the lockdown in the Netherlands. Despite the physical limitations, her enthusiasm and natural ability to engage others over the Zoom call ensured that each participant gained new perspectives on what their future careers could look like.It was a fantastic experience in both presenting the event and figuring out the details behind the scenes with Valérie. She has a deep understanding of the challenges students, young graduates, and other job seekers face in the job market.
Diarmuid O'Flynn
Diarmuid O'FlynnLearning Operations Manager, JustEat Takeaway, NL
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Recently, I was a fortunate recipient of Valerie's guidance and coaching. I have found the whole experience to be rewarding, insightful and inspiring. I came to Valerie looking for assistance as I had decided to make a career transition. I was struggling but thanks to Valerie's help I managed to navigate my way through the difficult recruitment process in Netherlands and I now find myself in a role which I really enjoy. Valerie has an exceptional listening capacity and her attention to detail is remarkable. She knows when to intervene and when to leave the conversation flow.
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