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Valérie helped me prepare for several interview rounds. With a lot of enthusiasm and positivity she guided me to construct my answers in a way that they both represent me as well as my link to the organization I was applying for. Strengthening these skills gave me confidence for my interviews. This resulted in me finding an amazing starters position that perfectly aligns with the goals and dreams that I have.
Valérie's precise but warm coaching questions made all the difference during my job interviews for a senior role. With just a week notice, Valérie built space in her busy agenda and was able to use her extensive experience in recruitment - which includes blue chip companies - to spot subtle details and anticipate questions which came up in such interviews. You can trust her to help you to be clear and confident when showing the value you can bring to a new team and company.
ESN Rotterdam invited Valérie to host a workshop with us in the midst of the lockdown in the Netherlands. Despite the physical limitations, her enthusiasm and natural ability to engage others over the Zoom call ensured that each participant gained new perspectives on what their future careers could look like. It was a fantastic experience in both presenting the event and figuring out the details behind the scenes with Valérie. She has a deep understanding of the challenges students, young graduates, and other job seekers face in the job market.
Rhys McKenna
Partnership Manager, ESN Rotterdam, NL