Inspiration with Music

ImpactYourCareer With Music. Positive vibes, beautiful lyrics and great beats. We created Spotify Playlists that lift your mood, boost your energy and get you inspired. Follow us on Spotify and receive a new music playlist every season! New year, new collaborations! In 2022 ImpactYourCareer started a new collaboration with Pur Sang, one of the best dj’s […]

Assessments & Education: Q&A


Questions from Young Professionals about Education and Assessment answered. Personal Development is key to succeed in your Career Goals. Young Professionals asked ImpactYourCareer for Advice. Question 1. How do I show my leadership skills on an assessment day? “On an assessment day, inhouse day or company event, it is important that you are truly present. […]

Press Release ImpactYourCareer on HRinFinance

HRinFinance | May 2020 ImpactYourCareer, a new consultancy focused on your career and your dream job!  “Everyone deserves a fair chance to be successful in their career.” This is why Valérie Rath founded ImpactYourCareer, a consultancy firm in Amsterdam focused on career & life coaching, job application advice and interview training. Services that support you […]