An International Career

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“Visit the website of Nuffic to inform yourself. In general it can be helpful to emphasize in your application that you are relocating to that country. This will help recruiters to guide you find your way in the local labour market and local legislation.”

how do I convince an employer abroad to hire me?

“Visit the website of Nuffic for more information. Learn more about local legislation and the steps to take. It is easier to convince an employer when you are well informed and considered all possible questions about your relocation.”

How do I start up a career in the legal field in the Netherlands when my academic diplomas are from another country? Do you have tips?

“Visit de website of Nuffic for more information about working in The Netherlands and the requirements to practice your profession. I coach a lot of internationals professionals and I noticed that the ‘unwritten’ rules and expectations for an application is different in every country. Therefore, when you need help translating your experiences into a CV and cover letter for the Dutch labour market, I recommend to reach out to a career coach that has experience in working with international graduates / professionals.”

Interview Valérie Rath, Founder ImpactYourCareer for the blog “Ask a Career Coach”

Gepubliceerd op | April 2021

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