Limited Edition | Origami Paper Crane Van Gogh | 1+1 Free


A lucky charm cheerleading you on, every day! Whether you are working on your career goals, applying for your dream job or you just want to give someone an unique limited edition gift!


Imagine yourself working at your home office. Ambitious and driven, eager to succeed. At the top of your desk you have your own mascotte, from Kadinsky or Van Gogh. Cheering you on!

Or you have a friend that can use an extra energy and happiness boost. Life can be tough. A crane stands for happiness and prosperity. Therefore you buy this present for your friend to tell them to have faith and just keep moving. Like a bird in the sky.

These limited edition origami pieces are scarce. We only have a few sheets of paper with the paintings of Van Gogh and Kadinsky. You can buy a set or buy one of each. Kadinsky paper will be folded into birds and Van Gogh paper will be folded into cranes. Please let us know which paper you prefer.

The origami pieces are sent via post/mail. Ready to use.

We hope this lucky mascottes will support you or your friends and family in achieving goals.

Have a great day!