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I often feel that I’m too busy with my current job to figure out what I truly want. WHat to do?

“Taking time to get to know yourself better will benefit you and the company you are working for. You can plan a fixed moment per week to reflect on your career ambitions or regularly take a walk outside during lunch to explore what you truly would like to do. In general it can be beneficial to try to be more present and to notice your feelings and energy level during work. This can help you figure out which tasks and responsibilities bring you energy and lead you to what you are truly passionate about in your career.”

When should you start considering finding a new job? When should I stop the job I currently have?

“It depends on your career goals and the feeling that you have about your job and employer. Follow your intuition and it will guide you in this decision. You will know when you are ready to leave and when the opportunities at the company you are working for do not fit your ambitions anymore.”

I don't like my current job, how do I look for something new whilst still working here?

“Book a few slots in your agenda in the weekend to explore the market and discover opportunities. Use your time wisely to figure out what you truly want to do and what your career ambitions are. With this information you can choose the next career step or training/education.”

What’s a good moment for a career switch?

“Every person has their own unique career path and there is no right/wrong time for a career switch.”

How do I find out what I am truly passionate about in my career? Where do I start?

“Trust your intuition and keep track of all those moments that bring you positive energy. By mapping out your key moments in a timeline, you are able to gain more clarity on your true passion.”

I don’t see a future within my current job. How do I take a new step in my career?

“Invest time in writing your story and your future ambitions. Where do you want to be in a few years? LinkedIn can be a great source of inspiration and finding people with a similar role. How did they progressed in their career? Consult a career coach, who can help you in this process, guiding you in defining the next steps in you career. Steps that fit your personality, talents and dreams.”

How do I land a promotion?

“This process is for everyone different and it depends on many factors. In general, showing you are capable of handling more responsibilities during your current job will help you build a case for your promotion. List down your achievements: Which impact did you make? Did you set up projects? What were the results? Did you bring in more revenue, saved costs or improved processes? The more senior the role, the more important it is to be visible in the organisation. Enhancing your network skills can be beneficial to land that promotion.

How to change from engineering to investment banking?

“Invest in creating a good story on why you would like to change from engineering to investment banking. Everyone has their own unique personal story and only you can write yours. Which skills will you bring that are beneficial for investment banking? Which experiences prepared you for a career in investment banking?”

How to switch from recruitment to teaching English to kids in the Netherlands?

“You could focus on the similarities: for example your passion/mission to help people. Invest in creating a good story on why you would like to change profession and how your working experience can make an impact and add value to being a teacher.”

How do I convince my current employer to give me a more technical role? They keep saying that the moment will come after our upcoming deadlines but that moment never comes.

“Convince them by focusing on the value for the whole organization. Explain your ambition to gain more technical skills: to operate better in your role and how it will help the company, for example to work more efficient or save costs. In your current role it might also be possible to create opportunities yourself by taking on tasks that are more technical related, to show your interest and competences in this area. And you can consult a career coach to support you in taking the next steps towards a more technical role and map a long term career plan. With this in mind, it is easier to discover if you are able to take this step within your current company or that you need to switch companies to achieve your career ambition.”

How do I stop being too strict with myself at work?

“If this question is focused on being too process driven (content-focused) instead of people driven (people-focused), it might be beneficial to create a network by connecting with people more to succeed at work.”
Interview Valérie Rath, Founder ImpactYourCareer for the Magnet.me blog “Ask a Career Coach”

Gepubliceerd op Magnet.me | April 2021

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